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What exercises are good to improve horse riding skills? I workout almost everyday in building muscle.

What exercises are good to improve horse riding skills? I workout almost everyday in building muscle.
Just like Eckhard said upper body training is good and so is just riding a lot.I also find it fun and helpful by just going to help out at the barn picking up jumps, mucking stalls, etc.
Easy weight training for your upper body especially belly and back helps to hold position but even the weight training of your legs is good. Additionally some endurance training. Things like Yoga of course help too....
Hi Emma, I have found that the core isolating and strengthening exercises in bellydancing and Zumba help me dramatically when I ride. I can mentally isolate and control every muscle in my body more aptly.
Pilates or Yoga are great for stretching the muscles but also for strengthening core which is essential I horse riding
Okay this sounds so weird- but I take one of those big yoga balls, straddle jt, and hold and squeeze it using my calves. It helps strengthen the calves and kinda simulates how you use your legs while on a horse. I also stretch and flex my feet pushing against a curb or something because i have tight ankles and i have a hard time getting my heels down to where i want them.
Hip adductor and hamstring strengthening/endurance exercises are great for building stability in your legs, and totally agree general core strengthening is always a good idea. Wall sits or just holding a squat in the 2 point position as well!
Donky kicks and ABS.
Hey! I think doing plank and push ups are the 2 best they are easy to do at home!!
Core is key! If you do not have a strong core you will not be a strong balanced rider.
Hello Ema,

I consult the app MyFitnessPal. It allows you to find a custom plan for maintaining and gaining fitness for your body type and activity level!
Legs exercises, abs and back are a great way to strenghten your core and your thights, and will improve your position in the saddle!
Pilates, and yoga for core strength and stretching are great!
Air Squats and Wall sits are great for building those muscles!
Also I do steps and stairs all the tume
Skipping is really good for cardio vascular, endurance and strength as well as yoga helps with strength and flexibility
Stretching, lots of stretching. Especially your back, side muscles and legs in all direction
Ab exercises with a fitness ball!
I would recommend...swimming. It gives you cardio training together with backmuscle training and massage. It results in good posture and no joint problems.
A lot of leg work outs, depending on your discipline your legs are a major part of riding. The stronger your legs can be the better your balance and overall posture will improve. Try doing lots of wall sits, lunges, and squats and any other legs workouts you can find
Along with your work out include stretches, yoga designed for equestrians.