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Do you use aloe vera juice, if so why did you use it, how did you use it and did you see any benifits?

Do you use aloe vera juice, if so why did you use it, how did you use it and did you see any benifits?
On wounds and rashes
I haven’t used it before on my horse but I did for myself and it helps with cuts and woonds and helps them to heal better and faster and I’m pretty sure it’s safe for horses
I’ve used it after a sunburn on his feet. Seemed to help
Hi Jessica,
It is sometimes used for alsurls if not it is used for skin
Hi Jessica,
One of the horses has severe skin issues for years, and living in a hot country we've found it very difficult to treat.
Recently, we have strated to apply neat aloe vera juice, straight from the plant (only at night though as it may burn in the sun). I have noticed a huge difference and his skin is healing quicker than ever before. As our garden is overflowing in aloe vera, i've never bought the juice.
Hope I could help :)
Hello Jessica!

There are lots of benefits about aloe vera juice first of all because of its composition (lots of vitamins, amino acids, mineral elements, water...)

It helps mostly for the digestive transit, helps to eat more (for thin horses or horses that don't keep weight), inflammatory problems (such as tendonitis), breathing problems, recovery (tired horses, old horses, after a surgery or a difficult delivery), pollen allergy (horses that shake their head).

The gel can also help for healing.
The results are fast (a month usually), the products is not considered as a stimulant and it costs less than vet products.

But it is only a complement so you need to see with your vet if you can do something more.

I hope i could help you :)
Aloe vera is great for people and apparently horses too. It is all natural and saves lots of money! I use aloe vera for my face and for practically everything. I drink the aloe vera to clean my organs and use the actual plant for cuts, acne and much more! I plan on using aloe vera on my new horse when he arrives. Will let you know how it goes!!
Yes! At my barn we use it all the time for horses with digestive issues. We mix some in with their feed, and it softens their digestive system overtime, making them want to eat more. We typically put in in for our thoroughbreds that can’t keep weight on😂. It helps them eat more, and overall gain more weight as it softens the digestive system. That is the main reason I have heard my trainer talk about using it, but I’m sure there are many more. It is also super cheap! When’s we run out at shows, we just go to Walmart and get some more!
A horse at my barn used it to help his digestion. It seemed to work for him and it was relatively cheap and it’s natural.
I have personally never used it!