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How can you calm nerves at a show?

How can you calm nerves at a show?
If your horse is nervous at a show you’re probably nervous to try to calm your self down and your horse will calm down
Walk around
Count to 50 and then back down to zero. Also, treat your round as if you are schooling at home(although it’s easier said than done)!
find a routine that works best for you and your horse! Hope this helps!
Hi Maddie, i find what really helps me is to really stick to a routined warmup, also really helps your horse too! For me, my routine was to trot for 10 minutes incorporating lengthening, shortening, round turns and tight turns, until i felt he was really loosened up. And then go into a nice calm canter again, lengthening, shortening, (not too many circles) but started with round turns and then tighter. We are in the jumper ring so the tight turns were important. Still good to work on your horses flexibility though!