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Are there any riding schools catered to people with disabilities, if not, do you think there should be?

Are there any riding schools catered to people with disabilities, if not, do you think there should be?
Where im from we have our own thereputic riding program! :)
I want to rephrase my initial answer - there are some, but I don't think there are enough locally to me. My mum's old horse was an ex-riding for the disabled pony and my friend recently sold her horse to a riding school that caters to those with disabilities. That being said, I feel that it should be more accessible, instead of a select few specialist riding schools.
There are lots of places around
There are hippotherapy barns
There is multiple
At my riding school their is a class for people with disabilities
At my barn there is a lady who specializes in these things and almost every Saturday she takes a place with tons of disabled children and gives them a pony ride!
I absolutely love what you are doing and striving towards! My mom works as a registered hippotherapist, which means that she does therapy for children when they are riding. I don’t know of any shows that include disabled riders but I hope that you will become a barn that supports that
There is one near me called the Monterey bay horsemanship and therapeutic center.
* has a therapeutic riding program with individual and group lessons available for kids and adults with both mental and physical disabilities
The barn I go to has a therapeutic
There are some therapeutic riding stables when kids and adapts with disabilities can go ride and take lessons.
At my riding school they have lessons every week for people with disabilities which I think is so so
At my barn in Finland there’s lessons for people with disabilities every Friday and sometimes individual lessons on other days too. I think it’s really great that a normal riding school can offer a thing like that!
special equestrians is a big one in south florida. i believe they have over 180 lessons a week and cater to all disabilities!! pretty cool. i believe they have a website with info and how it works etc
Asking because I’m starting to make a business plan for my future business and I’m thinking of ways to make it welcoming to everyone