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How to know if a saddle correctly fits a horse?

How to know if a saddle correctly fits a horse?
Place your hands in the back of the saddle while it's on your horse. And push down if the saddle moves up in the front then you need a pad with a lift in the front and if it stays then it fits perfectly
Hi Anne! I would definitely suggest calling out a saddle fitter because you never want a saddle that doesn’t fit your horse.
Hello Anne!

The best thing to do is to call a saddle fitter to be sure that your saddle is great for your horse.

But you can also check some points by yourself before you call him:

- the wither needs to be free (you have to put 3fingers at the vertical above the wither and 2fingers on each sides)
-you have to be able to put your hand at the shoulder otherwise it means that the gullet arch is too tight.
-the spinal column needs to be free so you have to be able to put 4fingers (or have 8 to 10cm wide) between the two panels.
-the billet needs to be vertical.
-the pommel and the cantle have to be at the height.
-it must not touch the vertebras from above or side.
-the saddle shouldn't move when the horse walks.

Finally, the most significant ways to know if it fits is to look at the sweat after an effort, if it homogeneous and symmetrical it is great, and if you see white hairs appearing on the wither it means that the saddle doesn't fit well.

It is great that you are asking yourself this question because if it doesn't fit, it can block his movements and your horse will have less amplitude, he can also have pain.

I hope i could answer your question :)
Hi Anne! Is your horse comfortable? If your horse is getting pinched on its withers, gullet area, shoulder or flank he will show discomfort and display odd or unusual behavior in training. You have to be very observant. There's a very informative saddle fitting video series on youtube by Schleese Saddlery, you should check it out!
If it sits level on the horses back
Not pinching in any
also if it is not showing any gaps between the saddle and horse
It should rest perfectly on the horses without a saddle pad or half pad needed