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What are good groundwork exercises to help build a better bond with your horse?

What are good groundwork exercises to help build a better bond with your horse?
hello anne!

sometimes horses will turn away from their owner when you go to catch them from outside, because it usually means that you’re going to bring them into their stalls (which most horses don’t prefer) or because they know this means they’ll have to do work. to build their trust and respect for you, i suggest going into their stall or field just do spend time with them and give treats, not to ride or bri gn them out. that’s just one way i know to get a horse to like you better.

hope this helped. xx
I like two walk on a lead with my horse and let them graze
Hello Anne!

You can try to make walks where you're nearby him and you let him eat whenever he wants.

Then you can come just for grooming, cuddle him and let him eat grass, these are the best moments for him because you don't come just to ride him. This is what will strengthen the most your bond.

Then he needs to trust you and for that, you need to be the leader, always reassure him and make him feel safe with you, he will come easily to you if he can trusts you.

Finally, you can have fun with him by playing with him (play with a ball, shoo him away on the field and wait for him to come back to you, do equifeel or desensitization, you can ride him with a halter or use the Parelli method; this is very efficient, fun and change from other exercices.

I hope i could help you :)
I love round penning! If you have a round pen, you have to do it!! Joining up gains so much of your horses trust, and it is a fun and rewarding exercise.
you could do trick training! it may take a bit, but its worth it!
@shockerpeak She isn’t mine, I’ve just been working with her for a few weeks and am the only one to have done so in a while
I like round penning