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How would you trailer a difficult horse ?

How would you trailer a difficult horse ?
My friends tie a rope to the outside of the door and sort of pushes him in
To caoimhie sweeney thanks for answering my question i will try it
My horse does not like getting into the trailer or being lead in there
The quick way or the long lasting way? The quickest way is to have someone stand on either side of the horse, link arms above the hock and both of you shove. It's not training the horse anything but it will get you out of a fix.

In the long term, take out all partitions/equipment, reverse the trailer into an arena/field (keep it attached to the jeep), open both the rear and front ramps, and feed the horse in it. Create a positive association with the trailer. It takes some horse hours, it takes other horses days or weeks. Just make sure the food is visible. When the horse is comfortable going into the trailer to eat, try just leading it up the rear ramp in order to eat. When it's used to that, try leading it up the rear ramp and out the front ramp. After that, keep adding little bits until the horse is comfortable.
I mean a horse that is scared of getting in to the trailer thanks for looking at my question
Hello Morgan!

Can you be more specific about what you call a difficult horse? What is exactly your problem?