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What is your opinion on Marilyn Little?

What is your opinion on Marilyn Little?
@levisambrose I just read the article that you posted. I did know that the first bloody mouth she claimed to be hitting the mouth on a jump. It seemed odd to me, but things can happen. Then when a second bloody mouth came up I lost any hope I had. And then a third happened and I was very angry. The article did say that the horse may just bite his tongue sometimes, but I dont know if I believe that. It is so uncommon and for it to happen to three of her horses seems weird. I dont know, maybe it really was an accident all three times but it doesn’t seem that way to me. Take another eventer and count how many times their horse has had a bloody mouth. Most likely none or maybe once. Compared to Little it does seem a little suspicious doesnt it?

I read this article about it :

It doesn't tell if there's abuse or not in the way she rides her horses, but it explains the different points of view, so if you want to open your mind I definitely advise you to read it 🙂
She sucks
First of all I don t know her a lot to judge her. What I ' ve heard about her does not make me belive she is doing things well. Any ways, Shelby Dennis on youtube made a video on her. The video explains everything quite well.
Dont like her at all! After multiple bloody mouths at RK3DE she has lost any hope i had in her. The first bloody mouth I thought “maybe it was just an accident like she said” but then she had ANOTHER!! Clearly something was wrong. I asp dont like her combination of bit and bridle. She uses a strong bit with a hackamore. If you are using a hackamore then you dont use a bit! It just puts extra pressure on the nose and mouth that is unnecessary.