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As a student, do your parents ever threaten you about school or quite frankly anything with riding?

As a student, do your parents ever threaten you about school or quite frankly anything with riding?
All the time but I pay for my horses board so they can’t do much anymore
Not often but my mom has definitely done it a few times! Some examples:
If you dont clean your room then you cant go to the barn.
You cant go to the barn unless you *insert any chore*
It always gets me! But my mom does know that I do have to go to the barn and take care of my horse.
My parents don’t really threaten me, but they say as long as I keep on giving it my all in school, the horse habit can stay. They both rode and had horses when they were younger, but as they grew older they just phased out of it. They never stuck with it like I have. They just have a policy with all I do, that I have to try my hardest and work for it for at least a year. Sometimes though, they do take away lessons or barn days for bad behavior. But they have seen how much this means to me, so they don’t take it away for school. I think as long as your parents see how hard you are working, and how much this means to you, they might understand more.
My parents aren’t horsey at all, and always said “if the homework’s not done or marks fall the horses go” but once my dad started helping me with the horses he developed a bond and soon realised how difficult it would be and seen that it would only make matters worse x
Hi Sharon,
Honestly my parents freaked out and didn't speak to me for a while when they found out I quit my job as an office worker to become a horse groom and now a horseback riding instructor in training. Things got worse when I broke my collarbone during a training section. They didn't threaten me or anything, but they didn't believe I was suitable for the job at all. I'm proving them wrong. They're easier with me now because I'm so passionate and serious about this. I believe I've made a good choice. The best choice in my life I'd say that :)
But believe me, if they can see how consistent and passionate you are to the sports of your dream, they can be the best supporters :) Believe in yourself and show them what you have, you deserve this sport. This is your life and your choice anyway :)