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Do you use Fouganza, and if so is it a good brand?

Do you use Fouganza, and if so is it a good brand?
Thank you!
I think you can get much better brands at the same price or cheaper
Actually very good for their price, for everyday schooling I wear their breeches as their lightweight and stretchy. However wouldn’t use them for hats/boots as I do worry about the quality!!
I love Fouganza! I've both the waterproof, fleece lined jods and the light summer jods. The light ones only lasted a year or two before they wore out but I think they were about €10 at the time and they're very useful in hot weather. Not that we get much hot weather here. I use the waterproof ones far more often. They also help stick you to the saddle due to the material used. I got them a few years ago and they're just starting to wear out at the knee a bit, but they've taken some heavy use in that time.

If I were to pick two brands to buy jods from, them and Tally Ho are my favourites. Tally Ho are expensive, but I've a pair that are over ten years old and are still good.

I also have the Fouganza balaclava which has a mesh top so fits under your helmet. Very useful when out in cold winter nights