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What are your tips for preparing for a show?

What are your tips for preparing for a show?
List are life savers, pack the night before or even the day before that. Have a schedule planned out so you can stay organized and not forget anything
Make a list of everything you need to bring. Pack several days before you leave so you won’t rush and forget anything. Keep everything organized so it’s easy to find on the day of the show. I also find it very helpful to take a white board and once you know your ride time or when your class starts work backward from that time and make a schedule including when you want to be warming up, tacking up etc this way you will always be on time and it will take some of the stress off.
I make a list of everything that I need and what I have to do the next day. I found that it is easier to start packing a few days before the show so if you remember something that you will need it’s not to late to put it in your bag.