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What are your advice to clean your horse for a show?

What are your advice to clean your horse for a show?
I have 2 greys so I clean them a lot haha. And they’re pigs too.

I have a set way of washing and it’s this:
Wet the right side and his tail. Put the purple shampoo in his tail and work it through. Then use same shampoo to do his body (leave legs til after body is shampooed). Work it through the body using a soft curry comb. Rinse his tail then rinse his body. Then I do right side legs.

Because they’re grey, I do his tail again and leave it in while I do his left side (legs last again). Then I rinse left side and rinse his tail. Then I do all 4 legs again and if the tail isn’t white enough, I do it again.

I usually wash the evening before a show unless I have time the next morning to wash and dry him. If I bathe the evening before, I will have to do touch ups the next morning no matter what. And then at the show I usually have to do their legs again.

I’m fanatical about them being super clean and white. It’s a process lol.
Lycra Hoods are definitely a life saver especially for greys!
I always wash my horse the day before and then hand walk them until they dry so that way they are getting exersice while I can make sure they don’t roll. Once dry I put a rug on them, doesn’t really matter which but just to keep them clean for the big day