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Ask Horsealot : What has been the most exciting part of developing the update?

Ask Horsealot : What has been the most exciting part of developing the update?
@horsealot Thanks for these answers guys they are brilliant! Well done to the whole team!
Hi Shannon,

As a founder, every step of our 2.0 held its own part of excitement. The few hours after the release though are the most emotional as it is when we imagine the reaction of our first members who discover the new interface. Our users are very nice and invested in our community. We always hope to fit at best to their hopes and expectations, and that they feel at home on Horsealot. :)

Founder & CEO
Hi Shannon,

Great question 🙂
Technically speaking the update was very challenging. The Meet-Riders section was interesting to design because we had to re-think how we all share our passion in order to suggest you riders you may want to discuss with.
The new messenger was also a big step for us especially since a lot of you were waiting for it 🙂
But personally I really love the inspirations. As I am not the one in charge of it at Horsealot I am waiting everyday just like any other member to see what will be the theme for today and I am always delighted by the visual aspect of it.

Chief Technology Officer
Hello Shanon,

For me, it was the moment when we first saw the design of the new version. We really started to imagine what Horsealot 2.0 will look like, and couldn't wait to show it to you 🙂

And you, what do you like the most about the update?

Community Manager