When you started working with horses did your parents worry about you all the time and how did you deal with it?

I have worked with horses for 13years (I’m 13) but my mom has had horses her whole life and so has my dad. Message me if you want to talk☺️
My parents were very good actually! Of course they had some worries but I think they knew I was very passionate about it and allowed me to do what I thought was correct and learn from the experiences. My mom has gotten much better around them, although she is allergic. Sometimes she even cleans up a paddock when I’m riding! The most important thing I think is to help inform them of what you are doing so they can understand too.
Oh my goodness that’s so cool!
My mom absolutely hates the barn the stables anything to really do with horses so what I did was I brought her to the barn to come and see my horse being a little bit of a brat and then once I was working with him and I got him respectful and up and going I brought her again to see the big improvement I think that’s when she really understood why I loved it so much because of the reward
Ok thanks for the tips 👏
my mom is also very into horses so she understood everything so it wasnt hard. maybe try to get ur parents to spend some time at th barn?
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