Would you recommend synthetic or leather tall boots? They will just be for schooling. It rains a lot at my barn so I'm worried leather will get damaged.

Hello, Megan!
Actually, lot of riders prefer leather boots and there are some brands which have some waterproof leather products. Ariat is one of these brands (my paddock boots are kinda waterproof), but it's true that the leather get more damage if it's in contact with water 24/7.
You have plenty possibilities, maybe you can check at your tack store which product is better for you and your situation...
Hope it helps!
Leather for me. They are just so much better quality. What you could do is buy a pair of rain boots and wear them around the barn until you are going to ride to prevent your tall boots from getting damaged. Also, there are rubber covers you can buy for the bottom of your tall boots so they don’t get dirty.
Hi Megan !
If it rains a lot at your barn, I recommend you synthetic boots. You can use leather boots if you use a good waterproofing product but there is a risk ! :)
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