Should breeches fit snug, how do I know if they’re too small and are the legs supposed to flood? I’m a newer rider and I just bought my first pair of breeches online.

It’s really a personal preference! Some people like them a bit looser, some more fitted. Of course you know when they are definitely too big and definitely too small (falling off of you vs. restricted movement). I prefer mine fitted, but it’s all up to you. Try on different brands and sizes if you can and see how you like them to fit. Good luck!
Generally, yes, breeches are snug to your body. However, they should be comfortable and not restrict any movement. Really though, it's whatever you feel good in! They do make looser ones (generally mens) that work too. Hope this helps!
whatever you feel best in! personally i like my breeches snug and i know thats how a lot of ppl like them
Hi Jay,

The most important thing is for you to feel good in it, to feel at ease 🙂
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