How can I prove that I'm worthy of a job at my stable?

hi kennedy, i would say for the most part always be willing and loyal to whatever job you get at the stable and i’d you really wanna be worthy then just be open to possibly doing extra at times! :) hoped that help!
Before you even ask for a job you should be going to the barn every day and cleaning paddocks and stalls, filling up water buckets (if needed), if you are allowed to put can make up the grain and put it aside for later, same with hay. If you see the owner of the barn then just let them know what you did. Do this for a while and then ask for a job. This is something that I do anyways at my barn, and it is greatly appreciated but my barn doesn’t do jobs where you get paid. I’m not sure what you do regularly at your barn, but if you just ride there then I would start with this! Good luck!
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