What do you prefer when riding; hair in helmet, or hair in a pony tail/braided etc?

I use a braid, I have a lot of hair so it doesn't fit in the helmet... I would love to try that though

I just cut all my hair off so I didn't have to deal with it any more lol. Bit of gel on show days and I'm good to go!
Thanks for everyone’s answers! I love knowing what other people do. Ever since I did a couple of clinics with George Morris I ride in a hairnet with my hair tucked away. I like to keep it all off my neck and keep it as professional looking as possible. Just because for me that’s what I like!
I wear my hair in a lot ponytail or French braid(s). If it is really hot out I usually do a low ponytail so I can put it into a bun after I ride.
I prefer to wear a hairnet, it is just much more comfortable, the hair is off of your neck, and overall I just think it looks more professional.
Hi Chiara

I prefer having my hair in a low ponytail because it is just out of the way and it is comfortable, and when you take your helmet off your hair is not to much of a mess ;) lol. Hope this answers your question
I like to wear my hair in a low ponytail/ plait , I find it more comfortable
Hello Chiara!

Definitely in a pony tail, sometimes I do a braid but not really often, I find it more confortable with my hair very low on my neck 🙂

What about you?
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