Do you invest in more expensive equipments for shows, or do you ride in the same kind of brand at home and at shows?


Well I have some nicer things for shows yes, saddle pads, boots or bandages, my boots too, although I use them sometimes at home so it's not that diferent in shows!
About the bridle, is the one I use at home, I avoid changing them, so there are no big changes from home to shows!

Hope it helps
I have a schooling bridle for when I'm warming up day of and a show bridle, and schooling pads and show pads, just to help keep everything tidy and clean going into the ring. Show bridle is definitely nicer than the schooling bridle lol
Depends on how much you plan to show. When I started showing, I used the same equipment I schooled with (I always take care of my stuff so they look new!), but when I decided I wanted to compete more, I invested and bought nicer things
I get all nicer stuff for shows. I have a schooling bridle and a show bridle, and show helmet and a schooling helmet, and a home trunk and show trunk. Everything I take and wear to shows is always nicer than the stuff I use at home.
Well I’ve never did a show, but I would buy a bridle especially for shows and have a really nice saddle pad (and earbonnet or anything else you want) for the show, most likely branded. I ride at home in old saddle pads, but if I was going anywhere I use nice ones.
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