What are your advice to have a good ride with a horse who hasn’t been ridden in 3 weeks? I rode him last week and he was very excited and would bolt off with me.

Lunge warm up before riding to get the extra energy out. I always lunge my horses before riding them, a little bit or a alot (depending on the horse).
Like everyone else said, lunge or round pen him before you ride! It has been a lifesaver for me sometimes. You shouldn’t feel pressured to jump back on after a little bit off. Feel free to take it slow and lunge or round pen for a while until you feel comfortable with how he is behaving on the lunge line or round pen. Once you start riding as well, feel free to walk for a while until you feel comfortable with how your horse is going in the ring.
I would try Lunging him before the ride or getting some kind of exercise in but just enough so he’s not too energetic for your ride and depending on his skill level I would keep it pretty simple just for that ride
lunge before you ride, and keep the exercise that you are doing simple.
Maybe try lunging before you ride? It will get some extra energy out, it’s a good warmup, and you are working with him when not riding. If your horse is good on the ground then they are usually going to be okay when riding. Good luck!
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