What do you think about owning a horse but not competing? Almost everyone I know that owns a horse competes, same with a lease.

I think its totally up to you! I know plenty of people who just enjoy riding their horses for pleasure! For me personally, I just get chills at the idea of getting better and better while growing your partnership with your horse, its my favorite thing about showing :)
I think it's really about the connection with your horse & there is just as much validity in owning a horse & not competing as there is to competing.
That’s fine it’s okay to be a liesure rider no one cares a horse is soppose to be a pet do why ever you want with it.
I think it is perfectly fine to own a horse and not compete! Owning a horse should be a bout developing a bond, growing better together, and learning from one another, not about winning champion at a show. I personally love to compete, and work towards those championships, but it isn’t a necessity. If you are happy with what you are doing with your horse, and that doesn’t involve competing, that is totally fine! You shouldn’t be pressured to compete just because your friends do. It might be fun ok try a really relaxed show once for the experience of you and your horse, but it isn’t a must in the book of ‘Horse Ownership’.
I have a horse and don’t compete wellllllll to be perfectly honest he can’t really compete lol to spooky but still I wouldn’t even if he was in tiptop shape
That’s perfectly fine. Owning a horse isn’t just to compete, it’s about getting the chance to build bonds with them. I don’t compete with my pony because I’ve to transport plus my pony is no where near ready. But it’s still so nice just to ride at home for fun
I have a horse but don’t compete because I don’t have transportation. Honestly it can be difficult to watch your friends online posting about competing but it means that when I ride at home I don’t have to stress about being ready for a comp and preparation for comps are really stressful xx
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