What are your opinions on George Morris? (I’ve taken a couple of clinics with him, so I know mine, but what does everyone else think!)

I haven’t had the chance to do any clinics or lessons with him (I hope in the future I can) but I’ve seen his clinics and lessons online. I love him and is an amazing trainer. I hope to have that much knowledge and experience one day
I really think he is a great trainer, and has a ton of great knowledge and experience to share with everyone. I know some people think he is really harsh, but you make think of it as he wants to make the sports upcoming riders better. Sometimes, you need to be a little harsh to get through to people as well. I would love to try to find a clinic with him near me so he can share some of his great knowledge with me! He is such an experienced equestrian, and really knows what he is talking about.
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