Do you have a grey horse with pink skin and if so do you cover them up in the summer to avoid skin cancer? Mine constantly has a fly rug on😕

If you put a 1/4 cup of baby water proof sunscreen into a spray bottle and add cold water, spray it everywhere and there will not be any burnt spots, and baby sunscreen works amazing for pink noses!
Thanks! I think I will keep his rug on in the day and maybe let him have a roll with no rug during the night! I might also try the horse sun cream too! Thanks everyone 😁❤️
I don’t have a grey but a horse at my barn is an Appaloosa and his nose is very pink. We usually put baby sunscreen on it because it does get sunburnt sometimes.
I would keep a rug on just in case although I do have a little border show welsh pony whose white/ palamino and I sometimes take the rug off but she more palamino so I think you should keep a rug on
Hello Lauren !
You can use a horse suncream under pink skin :)
I know a friend of mine keeps a fly rug on because her pony has sweetitch and fly mask on because her pony has pink eyes too so they’re super sensitive.
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