Do you use the chiropractor on your horse, if so, how often and do you suggest that everyone should use one for their horse, just different amounts for different horses?

Yes I do. It depends on when I feel the horse needs it, the muscle mass they have and the level of work which they are doing. I know how each of my horses should feel and so I adjust their Physio and Chiropractor schedules as needed.
I do and it really helps!! I get them done about every 4 mouths or if they are needing it. Also my dad is a human chiropractor so he can do a little bit as well if needed.
For my horse there is an osteopath coming about every six months.
I am aware in the USA that there is only really chiros but in other countries, there are also physios and osteopaths. I'd highly recommend that a horse in any sort of work gets checked regularly as it will help prevent injuries before they happen.

In some countries, the whole physical therapy aspect is very badly regulated (or not regulated at all), so be sure you check out who you are getting. Ask them questions and see if they have any qualifications.
Yes, yes, yes!!! The chiropractor makes a world of difference on my horse, and all of my trainers school horses. I would definitely tell anyone who owns or leases a horse to get the chiropractor out at least once a year, hopefully more. Every horse is different, but I like to get my pony adjusted (who has a lot of back problems) at least every six months, or whenever she starts feeling stiff and acts up, because that is typically
the problem. I could go on and on about how important the chiropractor is for your horses performance and overall well being. I have experienced it first hand on how much it had changed how my pony moves. She used to get last place in every w/t class we did, but after a long time of training and a few visits from the chiropractor, she has won every single class she has competed in since. She also used to have a pogo stick kinda canter, but with a lot
of work and help from chiropractor and the pre-ride stretches he prescribed us, she has started to get a flowy canter (not currently bc of other issues... long story). I promised I am not sponsored by equine chiropractors, but really, if you care for your horse, at least get them examined and see the difference for yourself! Feel free to message me with any questions you have about the chiropractor, I know them well😂!
I have my gelding adjusted every 2-4 months or whenever he starts feeling stiff again. My sister's gelding only gets done about once every 6 months, as he gets ridden less often. I think most horses can benefit from an adjustment from a skilled chiro if they're in any sort of work.
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