Are horses suppose to have a vaccination record?

Yes. All vaccines should be recorded in the horses passport 😃
It’s very important to have something like this, it’s called a passport where all the dates of the vaccinations are put in, and the code of the vaccination and the vet’s name. It’s normally used for when you show, but if you ever travel with your horse you are supposed to have it with you, just incase someone stops you, as it has the owner of the horse’s name on it, with details describing the horse perfectly, which shows that you are the owner. If you don’t have one of these your horse might be taken away in the event of a police personnel stopping you. You also might not be able to travle, as some areas are more strict than others and don’t want any diseases in the area. Hope this helped, sorry for the long message❤️
That is kinda all in your coggins that you take with you for shows. Your vet will fill out and renew your coggins every year so you can take you horse off property and let them know they don’t have a horrible illness, mainly equine influenza.
Hello Jamal :)
A vaccination record is only compulsory in case of international (or national, it depends on the country rules) competitions for the equine influenza !
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