What are the differences between horse care in the US, Europe, Canada, etc? I'm really curious! I'm from the US myself.

In Canada we ride our horses though summer and Winter with the occasional 2 week brake. But also since the winters get super cold here we keep them inside at night!
I’m from Germany and I don’t know people who give their horses 4 weeks off in summer and also not in winter. I give my horse like one week off here and there if I have to do other stuff. And that’s how most of the people do here. We usually don’t do it in winter because they can’t go out in the fields for too long. Only four hours.
From spring to autumn our horses are out in the field from morning till evening. :)

I'm from Portugal (western country of Europe) and as Ellen said, we do not have our horses out much during the day, only for working (this is changing a bit and you start to see more paddocks)!

What do you want to know more?
@emiliadevoe where I live in Europe we typically give them a 4 week vacation during the winter because show season is in the summer :)

Generally I think it’s a bit difficult to compare Europe to the US or Canada because Europe is a continet and there are huge differences how the countries care for their horses. Here in the north it’s generally really important for us that the horses go out many hours a day while in Central Europe (what I’ve seen) it isn’t as common.
In Europe one major difference is that we give our horses about a 4 week vacation in a grass pasture during the summer. This way they get a break just like we get breaks from school.
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