Why do people race horses so young and wouldn't they be stronger when they are older?

My aunt and uncle have race horses and they start them young because the older they get the slower they get. I don’t understand them😂 but when they raced there 13 year old mare in a race for 3 year olds and up she held them off for 3/4 of the race then she fell back, the younger they are the more Energy they have. Now I read her on the farm I read her on the farm I wrote her around the farm until they bred her and Energy they have
Ahhh ok thanks... that makes sense x
Well I’m not completely sure this is true, but it’s what I’ve heard and it makes sense. It’s about the money. It (obviously) costs a lot to own a horse, nevermind keep it at a nice racing barn and buy whatever supplements and drugs they give the horses. And they usually have to pay a rider... so they do it as young as they possibly can. People race horses at young ages and yes, it is very bad for them. Their joints and muscles and bones are still developing and they are doing extreme workouts every day. If the owners were looking out for the horse (which, I know this isn’t always true but it often is, they usually don’t think about the horse that much. They race it, it wins, and they sell it. It’s all about the money...) they would wait longer to start racing them. Light riding at that age is fine, in fact some people say it’s beneficial, but these horses are dong very intense workouts. Hope this answered your question!
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