What are your suggestions on how to keep a hoof moist and to stop splitting? I have been applying hoof oil, but the weather is not dry and two of my horses feet are splitting!

It's not to wet here either. But the hoof oil I've been applying has been helping a bit. His feet do look better. :/ Thanks for the suggestions!
Hooves can split because of too much or too little moisture. If it's been soaking wet, your best bet is to find something that keeps moisture out. I'd maybe ask your farrier- they know your particular horse and climate better than we do :)
He's on hoof n sole. For the reason of sensitive feet and it really helps. And they grow fast but it's not normal for cracked feed when the weather isn't dry for him
What supplement is he on? Maybe it doesn’t provide the right nutrients he’s lacking. I’ve been feeding my horse farriers formula and it has worked wonders on his terrible feet!
@alannahreilly he's already on a hoof supplement. And has been for a long time. :/ But thanks!
A hoof supplement might help! It will prevent that from happening in the future and it will help grow the hoof faster
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