How do you know when you just “click” with a horse, especially when looking for another horse to buy?

When I kinda ‘clicked’ with my horse, I can describe it best as I thought to myself that we may not be perfect right now, but I would never ever, ever give up on her. When I still couldn’t ride her since she was so crazy I would sit in her stall with her and just talk with her. I would say when buying a horse look for how you two work together as a team, or see how comfortable you feel around them on the ground. I would say my biggest tell tale would be immediately feeling comfortable with them, on the ground especially. One time I was riding a horse that everyone loved me on him, and I did well on him in shows and stuff, but I wasn’t comfortable around him on the ground which bled into my riding with him. I just wasn’t comfortable with him, which made me hate riding in general and I would dread every show and lesson. But once I found a horse that I was comfortable with, I turned around and begged for extra barn time, lessons, and shows. I think the majority of it is a gut feeling that you just have to feel yourself for you to really understand it.
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