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Do you know what an active stable is and what do you think about it?

Do you know what an active stable is and what do you think about it?
I know nothing, but I’m familiar with the paddock paradise system...always looking for the balance between letting them be horses, and keeping them like the elite athletes they are...Super excited to hear more!
Hi RB, I posted the link of an article about it if you want 🙂:
Where do I see the article on this?
I think it’s a very good way to have horses. In Germany its getting more common.
I had never heard of this before! It does seem very interesting though... I would like to see how horses react to it in person. I wonder what my horse would do??
I think this is an awesome idea in theory- I'd love to visit a stable where it's being used and see it in practice.
Hey Melinda,

I didn't know about it so I found some information here:

It is quite interesting, but I don't see why people would prefer this system to a paddock paradise, for which you don't need so much equipment.
Hello 🙂

I think it is a good compromise between a stable and a field, the arrangement of the differing feeding, drinking and activity areas is meant to accord to horses' needs and allows them stay active at the same time. If you can have a more relaxed horse with this system, then I am 100% for it!
Hi Melinda,

I have heard about it a few times already, but it is not very common in most countries 🙂
Horses live in liberty with different areas: rest area, roughage feeding area, feeding station for concentrates and minerals, water supply, paths with various round covering, play area...

It encourages many activities for the horses, in order to try to recreate what wild horses' life looks like. The horses soon become more well-balanced and work more efficiently because this system provide them environmental stimuli, fresh air and group life.

I think it might be a concept to explore more, but I am not sure it can be applied to every horses, in every countries and stables.