What is your opinion on crops and spurs and how do you use them properly? I use crops but only lightly.

Spurs are meant to clarify and refine aids at a high level of riding. Most people use them incorrectly, but used correctly they're fine. I've never used them personally. Whips are the same way.
I think whips are fine to use if used correctly like others have said. When using a whip i think you should use it as an extension of the leg and as an aid, not to hit them and scare them to go faster.
For spurs I personally wouldn’t Use them on any horse. Some horses are trained with them and only respond to spurs. We think my horse was trained with them, as she only responds with spurs. Of course I would use them then. But if the horse doesn’t need them and responds to leg fine then don’t add them. You should always start with the smallest amount of everything and then increase. (Ex.: start with no spurs, if they don’t respond then add spurs, if they still don’t respond do another light but slightly stronger out of spurs etc.)
Spurs should only be used during the transition when you are asking them to move forward more. Right after your leg should be off and the spurs shouldn’t touch the horse. People don’t always do this and their horse becomes desensitized to the spurs so they don’t respond to them. Then the rider puts on stronger and harsher spurs until the horse is in pain.
I’ve never used spurs, I know myself I don’t have a steady enough lower leg to use them correctly, nor am I riding at a level that requires them. As for a crop I rarely use one, but I sometimes use a schooling whip as an extension of my arm/leg!
I think they are a-okay when used the correct way. There is no harm in a little tap with your leg or hand, it all comes in moderation. I wouldn’t go beating a horse with a crop, or jabbing my foot into them with spurs, but I don’t see anything wrong with them when they are used correctly.
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