Ask Romain Depons : I don’t know what Horseball is at all! What is the basic concept of the game?

Thank you!!
Today, there is no perfect breed for horseball, the discipline is too young for that, so we work with thoroughbred because it is easier, and they are cheaper in particular when they are off the track thoroughbreds.

Also, what is the best breed for the sand?!
Thank you!!
Hello KF,

I will try to stay simple and precise!

It is a team sport, on horseback, with two teams. We play on a sand field, with a goal on each side, hanging at 3m50 of the ground.

The aim is to win the game by scoring as many goals as possible with a ball, and to be able to score, the ball has to pass in the hands of 3 different players. A game in separated in 2 period of 10 minutes each.

It's a sport of attack and defence, by respecting the security rules. The ball is wrapped with leather straps so we can take it easily while riding, and we can pick it on the ground when it falls.

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