Do you have any advice for a non-horse owner who wants to get a horse (like price, care, etc.)?

To be honest I started off with buying a rescue horse they are cheap and lovely to bring them on but they are very hard work and take a lot of time! So if you are not interested in the work and just want something to go straight into showing and proper work then I would recommend leasing something before buying as it is a lot of money to buy a professionals trained horse! Good luck on your search I hope you find your perfect horse xxx
It’s definitely a lot of money! I would suggest getting a lease first also - it’s good to start where it’s not completely your responsibility, but you do have to do more than just ride.
But you don’t have to lease first! If you are at the barn almost everyday and riding and do the things that you would if you did own a horse, then leasing probably isn’t necessary. It all depends on experience.
Before you decide to look for a horse, save up. Lots!! Have money set aside for any accidents. If your horse needs X-rays, stitches, emergency vet call, etc. it’s all a lot of money that you weren’t necessarily planning on spending. Know how much it is to board at your barn, if you are boarding somewhere. I would plan out how much you make each month, how much you would need to save, and it is always good (just to be safe) to be able to pay for the next month or two. So before you buy a horse I would suggest having a few months worth of board $ already lined up.
See how much farrier costs, and if your horse would need shoes that is another few hundred each 6 weeks (approx.).
There is also the price of tack. if you have to get all new tack it will be quite a bit. If it comes with the horse or if you can borrow some that would take some off. Then there’s grooming supplies and “things” (that you have to buy ex: fly spray, halter, lead rope, shipping boots, xc boots, etc.) I would put aside about $100 each month for this. It seems like a lot but as you know everything’s expensive!
I would recommend to lease a horse first just to get used to the responsibility. Other wise you would have to get all the equipment first. Good luck!!
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