What are international derbies, Hunter derbies, are they a part of show jumping and what are the differences from other medal classics and "finals" in equitation or hunters?

Hunter derbies and international derbies are the same thing, just one is international (I’m pretty sure). Hunter derbies have the same kind of courses as the eq finals. Hunter derby courses are built to resemble kinda what they would do in the olden days where they would have to jump over barbed wire fences and hay bales, and how they would have to stop and get the mail. The rider wears a shadbelly, and the horse wears the typical hunter getup, with mane and tail braided. I have seen derbies where they have to hault, dismount, get some kinda ‘mail’ out of the mailbox, mount, and continue through the course. The courses are designed to test the horses versatility, different than the typical outside, diagonal, outside, diagonal hunter course. The typically have a trot jump or two, and at least one different jump, I have seen it be corn stalks and hay bales before, but I have never seen an International Hunter Derby, they probably have the most complicated, and most similar courses to the old hunt field.
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