Would you date someone who rides or is involved in horses?

Yes 😊
Definitely! Why not? I am! 😊
Its a must. If not, they will be taking lessons from me and its a requirement to be with me to love horses and work hard for them with me 😊😂😝😍
As rider: yes
Honestly I would for several reasons!
Yes, it’s in fact a requirement for me most of the time.
I think It's difficult to date someone in the horse industry, especially if you're competing in the same discipline, it can become overwhelming. Also, when you're competing internationally it can require a lot of travelling and I think it's hard if you're both constantly going to different shows and training in different places.
Personally, I would not mind if they were involved in the horse world or not. I just think that that would one more thing you have in common.
But just go with your heart
Yes, because if they didn’t know what they were doing around horses, I would go nuts with all the questions and all the “what not to do’s”
No I wouldn’t to be honest because it would be nice to have differences in the relationship So you won’t get bored
Yes, as long as they did a different discipline!
Why not, as long as they don’t compete in the same discipline as I bc I’m so competitive😂
I would... although it would be a pricey relationship! I think it would be interesting to be able to talk about something that you would both be very passionate about. Also buying gifts would be so much easier!!
Nah. I don’t want my partner to have the same passion as me. I want them to like horses but I’d rather they not be involved in the industry 😂
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