What are your tips for walk to canter transition with a young horse? I already achieved it with another horse, but won’t work on my current one😒

He just tends to speed up a lot, even if a work with the outer rein😩 and I am always afraid cause when he speeds he could stumble and we would both end up on the ground
I would just take your time with it all horses are different be patient and make sure that you give good reinforcement to every time they try even if it’s walk to a very forward trot, as long as the horse is trying it’s best it should come with time and practice I hope it all goes well for you and the horse leans soon x
Try getting them transition from trot to canter like you normally would but with a kissing sound and eventually they will figure out that when you kiss to them you want them to canter. And when they get that I would personally bend your horse to the inside of the arena and slide your outside leg back and put you inside leg to the girth and kiss and hope they figure it out that you don’t want them to trot before the canter. The first couple times will be very rough but after a while they will get it.😃
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