Do you have any tips for a western rider going into the English/jumping world?

I've recently have done the same thing 😁 I definitely agree with the people above. You will use a whole lot of leg strength, due to constant contact when going up to a jump. In and outs and stirrupless riding will also help you improve your form, and don't be afraid to push yourself! You may also hear a lot more of "heels down" and "always look forward to the next jump". You will have some falls (I just did earlier myself lol) and don't be afraid of it. It happens. Just be sure to think safety first and wear a good helmet. I hope this helps!
For just riding tips, I would say don’t be afraid to keep your reins tighter some. I went to a roping clinic with my barn, and I was so surprised at how loose we were told to hold our reins! I would also say to make sure to keep your leg as steady as possible, and no big cowgirl kicks. We like to squeeze more than kick. We keep our hands typically in the same place, so no moving them around too much, and keep them steady. Make sure shoulders back, and chin up. And don’t forget to wear a helmet!
Hey! Awesome you going to try English one of the main things is make sure you saddle fits on your horse! And make sure to keep you hands quiet and you legs still mainly squeeze we don’t really kick like barel racers
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