What are you studying, what have you studied or what you would like to study and was it easy to still ride during your studies?


I’m currenjng studying a BA double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I live 3hrs away from my stables (by train!) but I’m ablt to go there from Thursday night-Sunday night. Or I’ll go to a show it depends. I think it’s quite easy for me to ride and study but also cause I did this my whole life throughout high school. I had to get used to the idea of not training and just picking up where I left off. I have supportive University staff who help me accomodate my riding and my studies and I have a great team looking after my horses when I’m away so that really helps!
Hi Maddy,

I am a law student, it is difficult to ride as much as I used to but it is possible with some organization: it is the key.

I don't ride when I take my exams, but the few weeks before I try to have at least one ride in the week, it helps me to clear my mind 🙂
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