Have you ever switched disciplines before, if so, why and how was it difficult?

I’ve switched disciplines a lot😂 I rode saddleseat for two years and then switched to very low level h/j. It was very hard however, cause there is a completely different sense of balance between the two disciplines. I would say it took me about 6-8 months to fully adjust. Then, I switched to eventing, which wasn’t really a large change at all. Then, I switched back to h/j😂😂This time, it was a higher level and it did take a little bit of adjustment bc the particulars are really emphasized a lot more in h/j than in eventing!
I've gone from hunters to dressage to barrel racing and then back to dressage and ranch horse- new disciplines always require a bit of adjustment, but it's a ton of fun imo!
I once did a team roping clinic with my barn as a team building exersize, and it was so confusing. I have always been taught that pulling back meant to stop, but when my horse was a little fresh, I pulled back to stop, but she was taught that pulling back meant go, so she started going even more. It was definitely an adjustment for me to keep my reins longer, and that you have to use your leg a lot more to steer. Towards the end of the clinic, I started to get it and I had a great run. It is really hard when you have to tell yourself that everything you have ever known doesn’t apply. You have to turn everything you have learned, and do the opposite. It is a great experience though, and furthers your knowledge as a horseperson!
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