What is your favourite way to occupy yourself at a show (when you’re not showing of course)?

Grooming your horse is always nice! It’s relaxing because there’s no rush, and also it makes them look nice too.
I always like to watch other people compete though. It is a good way to learn the course, see how other people are doing certain things and seeing what works best. It can benefit you because you can see people’s mistakes and errors and then you can see how other people prevented that. You can apply these things to your riding and improve. Or if you don’t feel like really observing that much just watching the horses go is always fun and relaxing to me 😊
I like to walk around and look at all of the different vendors. I also go and watch other classes, and just hang out watching that with my friends. I also just sit around on my phone sometimes lol😂.
Sleeping cause if you bring a comfy chair bed thing and you have down time i it good so you can clear your mind or you could groom your horse a little extra or just practice
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