What stereotypes do certain disciplines have on other disciplines?

I’m a jumper and have stereotypes about eventers being sloppy and kind of being the more “liberal” types of equestrians because all the ones I know tend to be huge advocates of ottb’s and rescuing horses :) I’ve also heard the rich hunter rider stereotype which can sometimes be true and some of the girls at the shows can be very spoiled an arrogant unfortunatley :(
I know stereotypes that hunters are super rich and some are but most aren't, tho all top level show jumping u need to be rich to succeed. Or ride for someone that owns a top show horse. Also stereotypes that dressage riders do it because they are too afraid to do jumping or eventing.
@abbyloveshorses Same! My brain doesn't move fast enough for eventing or show jumping. And yeah, many people think dressage and hunter jumper eq riders have a boatload of money to spend on like $100k horses but thats not true. I ride a nice hunter jumper eq show barn but I have alot of friends that practice really hard and also work around the barn to ride and help pay for things. There are definately people who are wealthy that can afford more things than some but they don't brag or boast about it.
The stereotype the dressage riders are snobby and do Dressage because they’re not skilled enough to jump 🤷🏽‍♀️ Personally I disagree with it, every discipline requires a different skill set, different parts of the body to work hard and focus from different parts of the brain.
As a hunter/jumper, we tend to think eventers are insane! There is a joke that equestrians walk the line between sane and insane, and eventers use that line as a jump rope😂. I have heard that stereotype about hunter/jumpers though. I will have to say, some of us are, and I know some, especially when you get up to the really high level showing. Where I ride and show though, all of us work out butts off for what we have. We are constantly at the barn practicing and we don’t have endless money to spend on top notch horses and shows all the time.
As an eventer I know that many of us think of hunter/jumpers as spoiled and rich. Not sure why?? It’s just a stereotype. I know hunters that aren’t though, so don’t take this personally! I know it isn’t true for many people.
I’ve always wondered what others thought of eventers though 🤔
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