Do you have any tips for a good routine to help kids to learn how to ride successfully? I have just recently agreed to teach a couple kids how to ride.

When teaching them to post the trot, have them say “up, down, up, down” out loud when they post. Be sure to frequently tell them what they’re doing well so they don’t get frustrated
Definitely teaching them how to hold the reins( that is a big one that people confuse), how to steer, where your legs go, and overall position of your body. What I have seen my trainer do is put out cones spread somewhat far apart, and have the student weave in and out of the cones to practice steering. Whenever you feel they are ready to learn to back up, this game always catches the kids attention. We call it the ‘Bridge Game’. We set two poles about 7 feet away from eachother to start with, and someone stands at the end of the poles and acts as the mean troll that will not let you pass. You have to steer in between the poles, and then back out when the troll won’t let you pass. Everywhere else around the poles is the water that has mean sharks in it that will bite you if you fall off the bridge, so they have to steer and work to stay on the bridge. As the rounds keep on progressing, the poles get closer and closer together, making it harder and harder. If you steer your horse off of the bridge, you get eaten by a shark and you are out for that game. We have had kids literally beg for that game! Hope it all goes well!
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