What are good excersises for kids ages 12-16 to keep them active and enjoying lessons?

Jessica: We go out on the trails with the more advanced students, but some of them get nervous.. so I have to be picky. In a few months, they should be ready to ride down the road to the XC field, so that’s a brilliant idea! I love the idea of games & stuff! I have always made them swap horses randomly, and they LOVE that! It’s all fun and games until the realize their friends pony isn’t like theirs 🤣
Carmen: My kids are easily bored of the daily flat work, so I love the idea of ball & basket games. I set up cones and what not and we do tons of steering work. I love your ideas!
Kids at my barn looove doing pony games exercises like zig zag, taking a ball from a cone or something and putting it in a basket... They have so much fun and gain a lot of confidence on the horse! :)
I remember my instructor let us go on the trail after lessons sometimes and I think a change of scenery is also nice, maybe schooling off property or doing a cross country course. As for excersises sometimes we also swap horses in the middle of a lesson, or play games on horses like four corners, follow the leader, Simon says, etc
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