According to you, what is the best saddle to get and why?

Well, I got one of the Circuit by Dover Saddles(I don’t know the exact brand I just know they retail for about 1k) and I LOVE IT!! I got it half off of the original price and it is beautiful, especially for the price. It is very durable too. It’s a good brand to go with if you don’t want to break the bank!
One that fits you, the horse and your purpose. Whether it cost under a hundred, or over a grand, a saddle that fits is the best saddle you can invest in.
It all depends on you, your horse, and what you want to do. I have a Marcel Toulouse jumping saddle and an HDR dressage saddle, and my sister has a Collegiate RD all purpose saddle, and they're all pretty comfy and well-balanced.
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