What are some quirks your horse has?

My horse tries to ride me
My gelding loves to pick stuff up and just hold it?
My horse likes to lick my arm when he’s bored and isn’t effected by sour foods.
We have these food bins outside our boxes and my gelding will always grab the lid and just hold it with no intention of acually eating the food. He also likes to put everything (at least try to) in his mouth, like my phone, headphone cord, neighbor horses halter, name and info tag on the box and much more. And last but not least he likes to throw my groomingbag and brushes around.

My mare on the other hand has spooked at the same corner in our indoor for over 2 years now, which is a bit annoying but oh well😂
My sister's horse doesn't like it when I put treats in his food. He'll pick around them and then eat them at the very end by themselves.
My mare will only eat peppermint horse treats. Noting else or else she will spit it back onto you, literally! She will sit down like a dog, like in her butt in her field. I have caught her doing that quite a few times in her field, and it is very funny!😂😂 She also hates when I roll up the hose. I think it is bc it looks like a snake, but she has busted out of the crossties quite a few times while I have been rolling up the hose! She also hates this one side of our ring. So much so that some days it takes me 15 minutes to even get close to the rail back there! That is odd bc nothing bad has ever happened to her there🤷🏼‍♀️. She has a ton of little odd quirks, but once I got to know them all, it is much easier to work together!
When I go to put boots on my horse, he automatically lifts up his leg thinking I'm going to hoofpick him. It's sweet, but annoying at the same time😂
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