What is best between half lease or full lease?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are pretty busy, but still want the feeling of having you own horse, half leases are great. You can ride that horse however many times the owner says per week, but not have full care or responsibility. It is also cheaper. If you want more of the feel of owning a horse with the majority of responsibilities, then a full lease is great. You essentially own the horse for that period of time, but if something drastic happened (like the horse gets a serious disease) you wouldn’t be burdened with all of the medical bills, just part. You typically have to pay board and a fee to the owner, so it is more expensive than a half lease. It is more about what you need than what is best. I prefer the full lease since it feels like you own the horse, but at one point I didn’t have time for a full lease so i did a half lease, and it worked great for me then!
I like full lease since it’s more like you have your own horse and get more one on one time with the horse you’re leasing. But it’s not so great on the wallet.
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