Do you have tips for the warm up ring? I’m having my first serious competition and I am terrified by the thought of the warm up ring. Saw a video and also read of many horses dead by clashes.

Update : I went to the competition, survived but I risked many times but not for my fault, young people didn’t keep the right and didn’t call jumps, so yeah it was like I expected 😆
Keep your eyes up. Make sure you don’t cut people off and just be aware of who is around you. Also don’t circle infront of peoples warm up jumps
I try to stick to my self but also be aware of my surroundings and call out where I’m going. Always ride defensively.
Just make sure to be aware and call out where you are going loudly. I have some warm up ring horror stories myself, but that was bc no one told me how it was. It can be pretty busy, but now that I know what to do it doesn’t worry me at all. You do need to be constantly aware. If you aren’t aware of what is going on around you, something bad can happen and you can just ride right into it. Some of the riders in the ring aren’t as considerate of others and will cut you off, so you need to be prepared to turn or stop. You also need to call out where you are going, whether it be passing someone or to a jump. People can’t help if they get in your way if you don’t let you know you are going there. You also need to remember to be loud and clear when calling out where you are going. At first I was quiet in the warm up ring, but with experience I have learned the best thing to do is to be loud and clear. You can’t blame someone for being in your way if you didn’t say it loud enough so they could hear you. Just remember those few things and you will be fine! They are just as bad as you make them. If you are being a considerate rider, hopefully most people will follow suit. Hope it all goes well!
Don’t be worried! If you’re worried your horse will be too. I have helped at shows and seen the warm up ring and I have never seen anything bad happen. If you are paying attention then you should be completely fine. If there are jumps, always call out what/where you are going to before you begin.
“Blue cross rail”
If you are about to pass someone, make sure you call out what side you are passing on. It is almost always left to left, meaning your left side is next to their left side. Although, if someone is walking and staying on the rail, you should pass on the inside, letting them know you are “on your (left/right)”. This brings me to the next thing:
If you are just walking, you should be aware of others who are cantering/trotting and usually the person walking should move out of their way and be polite. Don’t get too close to any other horses. They usually are completely fine, but you should always be safe and keep room for at least one horse in between.
The warm up ring is just like driving. If you are going to another lane you use your blinker. If you are going left/right of another horse you would use your voice and call it out. Be aware of other “cars” and how they are “driving”. If there is a horse that seems to be acting up, I would stay away.
You should be completely fine! Just be aware and stay calm. As soon as you get nervous, that is when you start to forget things or not pay attention. I’m sure you will do great! Good luck at your show! 😊
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