What are your advice to don't be nervous when riding with people watching you? I’m starting lessons on my pony and everyone at the yard knew her, I’m afraid they’ll judge me on how she is now.

I really like what Alannah said about having good days and off days. U will have some ups and u will have some downs, but when u look back, you can really see the progress. I know sometimes I can get a little salty and bitter if other people are having amazing runs but my horse isn't even listening to me, but I just have to remind myself that we all have bad days, but that probably means the next time I ride u will have a good day! Just focus on yourself and your horse. I learned in psychology that people have the tendency to think other people are always watching and judging them, but in reality they aren't even watching at all because they don't care! Makes me feel sad and relieved at the same time haha. In the end though, just remember everyone is there to ride, learn, make mistakes, and have fun! Who are they to judge when they will have bad days too? We all make mistakes but we learn from it! I'm sure everyone else thinks your pony is cute! Like me, I always fat shame my horse because it's so hard to put on his girth because he is a bit overweight but most people can't tell and still think he's pretty cute 😂 This was pretty long but just believe in yourself. Just remember that it's a journey and your progress that's more important in the long run. For now, good luck! I'm sure you will do just fine!
@alannahreilly thank you so much!! I totally get what you mean! And I wish all the best to you and your rescue! ❤️
Don’t be nervous! It’s a horse that you have worked with and gotten to this stage. Something I have learned with getting my rescue is that your horse will have bad days and they will have good days. You have to work through them and not focus on what other people think. I would see other people at my barn having great rides and then when I rode my horse wouldn’t even walk sometimes. It was difficult seeing everyone do great and I always thought that they would be “looking down” at me in a way. I learned that me and my horse have come really far as a team. She wasn’t an easy horse that we bought and was perfect, like some other people do. Many people who are amazing riders wouldn’t be able to transform a not so great horse into a great one.

I guess I said a lot of extra stuff that I’m not even sure made sense?? Basically what I’m trying to say is that you and your horse have come far as a team and people should recognize that instead of where you are now compared to them. To me riding is about the progress you have made and not necessarily your riding skills.

Sorry if this didn’t make any sense! My mind is all over the place today!! Hope this helps and good luck at your lesson!
(Btw she’s okay, she can just be a big mare sometimes and she’s a little fat...😅)
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