How do you get an off the track thoroughbred to gain weight? He has always been skinny, I have tried so many things and nothing works..

Beet pulp works, I have my horse on Hoffman’s elite, but I heard there pro fat is good as well. Feed alfalfa cubes but not too much as horses love it a lot but it’s not good for them to eat too much as it’s very rich hay.
The diet I have my horse on right now consists of two scoops of Hoffman’s elite in the morning, followed by oats after a ride and an extra scoop of Hoffman’s elite. Then in the evening I feed 2 cups of beet pulp (dry) then I’ll soak it and leave that to sit until the evening. But I’ll feed him a big scoop of oats mixed with sweet feed, beet pulp, and two cups of Hoffman’s elite
Speedi -beet helps horses to gain weight without giving them lots of energy x
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