Do you know why a horse who eats his grain perfectly everyday would suddenly stop? Saturday morning he stopped eating it but he eats anything else you give him 😬

You could put honey in his feed for a few days! He might just be getting fussy! 🤣
Thank you!❤️
Maybe he has some acidity in his stomach, so processed food can causes him pain and that's why he doesn't want to eat it anymore.
Some grain are too invasive for sensitive horses, maybe call your vet to find a more adapted supplement.

Hope it helps and your horse will eat again soon!
I gave him carrots and he has hay in his stall, and i also give him a supplement but that and the grain he stopped eating
Weird 🤔 What did you try to give to him (hay, treats or other grain...)?
Hi! Yeah it is same as always😬
Hi Stefanie 🙂

Have you checked if the grain were still good? Does it smell the same way as it does usually? Does it look good?
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